in blue coats








is it special
why this
why them
what is special
about that

does it have to be special
does it have to cause poetry

is it not enough to be
special or not
just some entity

some time
a day
some place
a road
some vehicle
a biking trip in harmony
to a park nearby
to a zoo with polar bear babies or without

cycling in blue coats
at speed
a glance or none
one bike before the other
bike besides bike
the other bike before the other bike
both or nothing or a mixture of both

or no bikes at all
without bikes
but as a matter of cause under sunny skies
the sunshine is special

the sun shining bright
invites to a walk
hand in hand
in blue coats
blue hats on top
they stop for kisses
hugs, deep glances
and on it goes
the walking, the glancing, the kissing, the hugging
on it goes
the whole bloody afternoon

sheltered by a sky
that is indifferent
to walks, hugs, kisses and glances
to blue coats, blue hats and partner looks

the sky is not even tired of couples
holding hands at bridges, on the banks or within lakes
not even tired of beautiful eighteen year olds glancing at each other in rented rowing boats
just uninterested
the sky is indifferent
to all that

kissing, hugging, the glances, the hands in hands, the hands on bodies, the hands on faces, the lips on lips, the smiles, the words, the four letter words, the pink high heels, the pretty wide open pettycoats, the cool sunglasses, the hands in hoses, below bras, on necks, in mouths, on asses

to pinkness and to coolness
to feelings and to narcissistic infatuation
to authentic lovers and to wannabes

all that is nothing much to the sky

why should it be special
to anyone
any loner or twosome
a couple
a double feature that cyles in blue coats with blue hats
walks, rows and kisses
under sunny skies
or is it cloudy

is it the wish
it may be the wish
but whose
his, hers
sought by both

it may be the age
her beauty or his
the wet sheets
the scent
the coats
the hats
the nakedness
the taste of music
the distaste for raisins
the habit to booze
the fun of it all
the rowing, the walking, the cycling
the movement to nowhere
the glances, the kisses
the hands everywhere
the preference for violent japanese love thrillers

where is the handy hint
why should this be special
where is the clincher

it may be made up
the parties collect evidence
arguments and stuff
dreams, longings
they make plans
or just one of those
to believe in something
they feel
or just one of those

this could be sufficient
to go
for uniqueness
could it

the sky would not detect
who of the two
if at least one of the two
was a believer
just lets them do
what they do
knows no body, no brain
nor soul affinity
no spiritual kinship
no overactive fantasy

why is this special
to them
or to one of them
if there are seven billion people out there
where does the choice come from
the deep conviction in
this is it

out of the blue
out of the blue coats
from under blue hats
under the blue sky
from the partner looks
the looks for a partner
of a partner
the glances

is it common practice
social adaption
the normal
to do as they do
cause they always did

special for each other
one plus one
as one
how could the normal be special
why him
why her
why them

do they know
if the sky doesn´t
how could they


wearing their blue coats
their blue hats

they take their bikes and cycle
stop and kiss
stop and hug
rent a rowing boat
nibble a cheese cake without raisins

stare at each other
first to each other
then to the sky.