Referenz / reference


Gott würfelt, während der Mensch seine Messinstrumente verfeinert.

God plays dice, while man refines his meters.


languages – with and without tongues


1. with tongues

French: langue
Spanish: lengua
Italian: lingua
Portuguese: língua


2. without tongues

German: Sprache
Dutch: taal
Russian:  дар ре́чи
Chinese: 话 [話] huà


3. with and without tongues

English: tongue (with tongue); language (without tongue)



english – etymology: ms and mrs



“ms” – short form of “miss”; derives from the verb “to miss (a man)”; the word is usually used for an unmarried woman.

“mrs” – short form of “mister´s”, more precisely: “miss owned by a mister”; the word is usually used for a married woman.